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Sun, 08 Sept



Behind the Art: Suoma and Raimo Yli-Suvanto

Come and listen when the artists talk about their art and works

Behind the Art: Suoma and Raimo Yli-Suvanto
Behind the Art: Suoma and Raimo Yli-Suvanto

Paikka & aika

08 Sept 2024, 14:00

Rovaniemi, Vuopajantie 15, 96400 Rovaniemi, Suomi

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What is Behind the Art?

A work of art is not just emptiness, it always springs from experience and contains stories. Raimo and Suoma Yli-Suvanto reveal the backgrounds of their works.

Will you be there to experience aha moments and ask your own questions to the artist couple? The duration of the event is about 1.5 hours and it is free of charge.

 The artist couple Raimo and Suoma Yli-Suvanto started their working career in Rovaniemi and then built their studio home in Kuusamo. In the wilderness, in the middle of lakes and a forest  landscape.

The exhibition features paintings, photographs, sculptures and sound equipment.  In her acrylic paintings, Suoma is concerned about the sustainability of nature through the forms of water and ice. Raimo's sculptures look for hope in new innovations to reduce the disadvantages of industry.

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