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Seija Satokangas - Unlimited Love


tue-fri 12-17 sat-sun 12-16


Seija had a happy childhood in Lohiniva, and spend her school days drawing princesses, hearts and flowers. At 16 she told her father that she wants to be an artist, but he disapproved. Instead Seija made her career in restaurants. Unlimited love of art has however stayed with Seija and helped her through her live. Nowadays she is happy with her paintings, but getting here has been an adventure that is still going on ...

In 2022 Seija visited Villa Vinkkeli, and found that it is perfect for her artwork. Seija's art is very versatile, and putting realistiv paintings together with abstract paintings and all the different techniques she uses would be messy in one room, but Villa Vinkkeli has many rooms.

Welcome to Seija's exhibition Unlimited Love! She will be present herself and would love to hear your comments of her art. For Seija one of the best things about art is discussing it, because different people experience art in so many different ways.

See images of the exhibition and paintings below. If you are interested in buying one of theim, contact

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