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Art gift card

Would you like to gift someone art or an experience, but you dont know what they would like the most? You can get an open gift card to the products and services of Kaisa Sirén and gallery Villa Vinkkeli. Then the recipient can make their own choise among all the options.


Why the Art gift card?

There are several good reasons to buy a gift card. It is:

  • Easy to buy quickly - you can quickly get it by email

  • Solid choice – The recipient has freedom to choose from all the products and services of Kaisa Sirén and Villa Vinkkeli

  • Versalite – The options include, for example; photoshoot, art for your home, gallery visit experience or maybe a cotton batiste scarf with one of Kaisa Sirén's photos?

  • Long lasting – One year duration means the gift card wont expire too quickly


The recipient can choose how they want to use the gift card. The recipient can choose any product or service that is currently available. If the product or service costs more than the value of the gift card, the recipient can pay the remaining cost. However if the gift card is more valuable than what the recipient chose, we will not give the remainder in cash.

Delivery of the gift card

You can choose digital delivery, so we will send the gift card to your email or directly to the recipient's email. Or you can choose a printed card and we will send it via regular mail to your's or the recipients adress.


Ideas how to use the gift card:

  • Photoshoot in the studio or in the nature

  • Workshop

  • Art for your home

  • Inspiring gallery visit Dip into Red and Blue

  • Cotton batiste scarf

  • Kaisa Sirén's portfolio series box

  • Unique post cards from Lapland

  • Small printed art

Prices 50€/100€/150€/200€/250€

More info,

Instagram: @villavinkkeli,  @kaisasirenphotography


Orders and more info

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