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A Dip into Red and Blue

A dip into red and blue - A moment together for you and your friends. Enjoy a break from daily life in Villa Vinkkeli


What: A lovely couple hours surrounded by art. You can enjoy the art exhibition in Villa Vinkkeli, watch a photo show, and join a short painting session.

Where:Villa Vinkkeli, Vuopajantie 15, Rovaniemi

When: Whenever suits you. Please call in advance to schedule.

Who: This event is best suited for a small group of friends who are looking for a break. Or this is a great event for small business staff.

Duration: About 1,5 - 2h
Includes: A guided tour of the art exhibition, relaxing photo show with nature photos, a moment of painting (no experience required), coffee, tea and a bit of pie. Photo of you together, printed on good quality paper.

Description of the event:

Buy a lovely moment for yourself and your friends in Villa Vinkkeli, where you can dip into the inspiring world of colors, art and peace of mind. Before the event you get a small invitation package that you can give to your friend. The box includes an invitation with the address. When you arrive to Villa Vinkkeli in Ounasmetsä, you can put on comfortable wool socks. First we offer you a guided tour of the gallery and the current art exhibition. After that you can relax with a colourful photo show of photographs by Villa Vinkkeli's owner, photographer Kaisa Sirén. The soft and abstract photos help you relax.

After we have entered the world of color with the help of the photos, it is time to take a dip into red and blue. We will paint a couple easy but creative paintings with the help of plastic wrap, aluminium foil and other such unusual tools. You do not need to know how to paint, the painting process itself and relaxing with the colors is the important thing here. It gives space to relaxation. After this painting moment we will enjoy some coffee, tea and snacks. Finally we will take a photo as a memory, and you can take a print of that with you.


​Service provider and bookings:

Photographer Kaisa Sirén

Vuopajantie 15, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tel + 358-40-7769706


More info:,

Instagram: @villavinkkeli,  @kaisasirenphotography

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