Past gallery shows

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Marja and Lasse Tuominen: Wolves and Encounters

4.10.2021 - 24.10.2021

Marja Tuominen exhibits wolves with oil, watercolour and collage. Lasse Tuominen’s minimally edited nature photographs are mostly close ups with an occasional landscape.

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Rovaniemi week 2021


Villa Vinkkeli had during Rovaniemi week open doors, several artists working, a group exhibition and art for sale.

Artists during Rovaniemi week;

Anniina Iivonen, Laura Haapamäki, Kati Kanto, Essi Korva, Tytti Muurinen,​Niina Oinas, Heidi Rannisto-Jolma, Eila Salmi, Minna Scheinin, Kaisa Sirén, Eila Puhakka and Elsa Häkkinen

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Konstrundan 2021


Konstrundan is an annual even where artists and craftspeople open their doors to the public. 4. - 5.9.2021 Villa Vinkkeli had open door, artists working and a group exhibition.



Kati Kanto, Essi Korva, Niina Oinas, Mari Riikonen, Minna Scheinin, ​

Kaisa Sirén and Eila Puhakka.

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Art Association Maahiset: Light

13.4 - 25.4.2021

As the polar night slowly receeds, curious rays of light tickle the cheeks of the artists of Art Association Maahiset. Colors are shining again, and creative force starts up. Art exhibition Valoa in Villa Vinkkeli includes artwork done in many different mediums. They celebrate the coming of spring and the increasing light.

Artists: Aula Helena, Eino Haarala, Ulla Hoikka, Pertti Huhtala, Kati Kanto, Tommi Kangas, Tero Kivelä, Eija Lappalainen, Anne Nuutinen, Terttu Nissinen, Jouni Tuuliainen, Mari Riikonen, Arto Komulainen and Helvi Kuoksa.

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Taidenäyttely Satumaista - Siivet, Heidi Rannisto-Jolma
Heidi Rannisto-Jolma:
My Fairy-tale-like World - Wings


Wool. Mixed media. Textile. Items. Crafting. Experimenting. Photograph. Painting. Paper.


All of this is included in exhibition ”My Fairy-tale-like World – Wings”. Where the joy and the energy in life comes from? What has been the remedy when misfortunes came to my path? Creative work, artwork, craft, to face and to touch, a courage to be touched. Art is life and life is art. If I would like to define to what genre my creative work belongs – it would be outsider art or in finnish style ITE, a self-made life.


My aim is to tell about life − love, family, fairytales and stories, roots and friends – funny and not too seriously way with joy and creativity. Thus, the life is not all about sunshine. Light can't exist without shadows.

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Valokuvanäyttely Rinnakkaiset - Tuulikki Korhonen ja Tarja Paldanius
Tuulikki Korhonen and Tarja Paldanius:
In Parallel

29.9 - 18.10.2020

Photo exhibition ”In Parallel” shows creative nature photography. Photographers Tarja Paldanius and Tuulikki Korhonen from Oulu have been developing creative approach to photography, getting closer to art. In 2015 they had a breakthrough when they noticed how many different ways there are to see, experience and represent nature. Both Tarja and Tuulikki have a background in art. They have walked together for years, but their signature styles in art and photography are unique. Their inner worlds reflect in their photos, which range from ICM photography to multiexposures. These photographs challenge the viewer to find the nature in new ways.

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Valokuvanäyttely Alaston Totuus - Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Cole Weston, Kim Weston, Zach Weston
Nude Truth - 4 generations of Westons

18.11 - 14.12.2019

The exhibition consists of about 40 original photographic prints by 5 Weston family photographers. The exhibition is made possible by art collector Kirmo Wilén who owns an extensive collection of Weston’s works.

Edward Weston (1886–1958) was a 20th century photographer who wanted to bring photographic art available to the big public. His still life, nude and form studies belong to the key works in the history of photographic art.

Brett Weston's (1911-1993) best known images are black & white photographs taken in surrealistic style. After the illness of his father Brett spent two years in the darkroom printing the best 832 negatives his father had chosen. Cole Weston (1919 – 2003) devoted his life to photography and theatre. With Edward’s permission he continued printing his father’s photos after inheriting 17 of his negatives in 1958.

Kim Weston (s. 1953) is known for his “Fine art nude” -photographs. He worked together with his father printing his grandfather’s negatives and assisted also his uncle Brett. Zach Weston (s. 1990) continues in the footsteps of his great grandfather. He works with 6×7” black & white film and concentrates in nude, landscape and abstract shapes.

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Taidenäyttely Erilaiset Huoneet - Kuvataideyhdistys Maahiset
Kuvataideyhdistys Maahiset ry:
Different kind of Rooms

1.6 - 7.6.2020




Art Association Maahisetheld an art exhibition Different Kind of Rooms at Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli.


Who is Maahiset?

We are a 40 year old art association in Rovaniemi region. Today we are an active group holding exhibitions, workshops and organizing art based trips. The group has 70 members and they all work with a variety of techniques. The members represent many professions outside the art scene which brings many new perspectives to our work.

Different Kind of Rooms

In this exhibition we take the advantage of the many rooms and levels of Villa Vinkkeli. The exhibit holds many works which have been inspired by the surrounding nature and environment. They have been created keeping sustainablity and responsibility in mind and bringing something old into new life.

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Taidenäyttely Paco Dolce - Pikku Makeaa, Hilkka Liikkanen
Hilkka Liikkanen:
Paco Dolce - Sweet Bits

30.9.2019 - 19.10.2019

Artist Hilkka Liikkanen’s oil paintings are on display at Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli during October. The models for the paintings are small porclaine figurines found at flea markets. They have been painted in an enlarged format.

Small porcelain figurines were fashionable in France during the rococo period in 18th century, and became popular along with trading from China. Neoclassicism and realism however disliked them. Only later did these items return as home decorations, but they were not as popular in Finland as they were in Sweden and central Europe.

Nowadays their aesthetic message is so alien and far away from today's realistic reality, that Liikkanen just had to paint them to find out what they are all about. The minimalism of Finnish aesthetics dislikes overwhelming decorativeness. The aesthetics of ugly is closer to our souls. But everyone remembers these small figurines from home or grandparent’s.


Hilkka Liikkanen was born 1956 in Oulu. Liikkanen has done her professional career in art museums. Along with her professional career she held several private exhibitions. She lives and works in Rovaniemi.

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Studio & Galleria Villa Vinkkeli muuttuu Rovaniemi-viikolla taiteilijoiden täyttämäksi ateljeeksi

Art in the Neighborhood corner

During Rovaniemi‐week, 2.‐8.9., Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli turned into a lively atelier filled with hustle and bustle of the 12 working artists. The guests were invited to follow how a white canvas turns into a piece of art in the hands of the artists. They were working with many different techniques and the guests could follow the work in progress every day of the week. There was also an exhibition to be viewed in the gallery and its garden by the 12 artist joining the event.

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Villa Vinkkeli full of artist

During Rovaniemi-week 3.-9.9.2018 studio gallery Villa Vinkkeli was full of artists.


Artists who took part:Laura Haapamäki, Maritta Jänkälä, Ritva Heiskanen, Ritva Kuusisto, Asko Ilmari Heinonen, Ulla Hoikka, Eila Puhakka, Kikka Yli-Penttilä, Asko Luosujärvi, Terttu Nissinen and Kaisa Sirén.

Cherry on top was the group gallery show Kesäkeitto, featuring works from all the attending artists and also abstract paintings byMaija Vanhatapio, ceramic by Anu Pentik and sculptures by Risto Immonen.

The event also included photography demo, photoshoot for friends and family and jewelry making workshop.

Kesäkeitto - Talo täynnä taiteilijoita
Dream - Dusk - Daring

The first gallery show in Villa Vinkkeli was Dream - Dusk - Daring by Kaisa Sirén. It was celebrating the one year anniversary of the photography studio in Villa Vinkkeli. It featured abstract photographs of mindscapes in arctic colours.


You can find more similar pictures here.

Valokuvanäyttely Uni - Usva - Uskallus, Kaisa Sirén