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Change of Seasons
Liisa Halonen-Laiti, Kati Kanto, Tytti Muurinen, Tuomo Tiensuu and Sisko Ylimartimo

7. - 26.3.2023

tue-fri 12-17 and sat-sun 12-16


Liisa Halonen-Laiti

Kati Kanto

Tytti Muurinen

Tuomo Tiensuu

Sisko Ylimartimo


This exhibition tells of the things around us that we want to protect. The main focus is animals and plants, rocks, quiet forests, seas, lakes, distant woods, swamps and fells, the passing of days and the movement of starts - The change of seasons. We hope theses artworks bring attention to the value of nature, humankind and life. How fragile it is, but at the same time, also strong. We need that strenght now more than ever.

If trees could write / they would write on parchment. / They would skin us and from our hides / they would make the best parchment. // They would write on it, their own writing, noble / that they should protect the poor humans / and that they are now well.

(Original poem by Paavo Haavikko, translated from Finnish)

Open tue-fri 12-17 and sat-sun 12-16. No entry fee!


Welcome to the opening ceremony 6.3.2023 6 pm!

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