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Have fun as a Finn

Finnish people are stereotypically named as shy, introvert, honest, genuine but reserved.  Once you get to know us you will learn that much of it is a legend. Come to the photo studio, dress up as a Finn for the photoshoot and let all the preconceptions be washed away. Local photographer Kaisa Sirén provides a joyful photosession, “Have fun as a Finn” at her photostudio Villa Vinkkeli. The house is a 2-story building holding also an art gallery besides the studio.

Upon arrival you will be greeted with an 8-minute photography slideshow. The 7 colors of the Arctic face will give you a good cross section of the nature in Finnish Lapland during 7 seasons. Coffee/tea and snacks are served during the show. Then you get to dress up in a role costume and get into your Finnish character for the photoshoot. There are several different costume sets to choose form, e.g. the Finnish national costume, a lumberjack, Santa’s elf etc etc. We take the photos in the studio having a Finnish forest background as a backdrop and each of you will be given a Finnish name to get deeper into your role character.

Everyone gets a printed photograph to take home along with you. At the end of the session we go outside to greet our lifesize mascot reindeer Sankari, skillfully made from willow reed. You can take selfies with the reindeer, beautifully decorated with chain of light.


  • Pick-up from your accommodation in the center of Rovaniemi

  • Coffee/tea and cookies

  • Photoshow of 7 colors of the Arctic Face

  • Art exhibition visit at the gallery

  • Photoshoot dressed as a Finn

  • 1 15x20cm print mounted on a cardboard passepartout

  • 2 more photos in digital form behind an internet link

  • Extra images in digital or print form at additional cost at 10€/ print and 5€/digital file



  • 1,5-2 hours depending on the group size



  • 149€/person, children under 14 yrs -50%, we can provide the clothes for kids taller than 150 cm.

Minimum 1 person



  • Daily starting 11.11.2019 - at 3PM, booking required, please ask for tailor made times



  • Please inform your shoe, dress, trouser size at the time of booking


Service provider and bookings:

Photographer Kaisa Sirén

Vuopajantie 15, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tel + 358-40-7769706


More info:,

Instagram: @villavinkkeli,  @kaisasirenphotography

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