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Hilkka Liikkanen:
Paco Dolce - Sweet Bits

30.9.2019 - 20.10.2019

Artist Hilkka Liikkanen’s oil paintings are on display at Studio&Gallery Villa Vinkkeli during October. The models for the paintings are small porclaine figurines found at flea markets. They have been painted in an enlarged format.

Small porcelain figurines were fashionable in France during the rococo period in 18th century, and became popular along with trading from China. At those times the themes of these figurines were mostly romanticized shepard life as well as life in royal courts with its fancy freetime, posh dresses and instruments. Neoclassicism and realism however disliked them. Only later did these items return as home decorations, but they were not as popular in Finland as they were in Sweden and central Europe. Therefore many of the figurines found in flea markets are of Swedish or Danish origin.

Nowadays their aesthetic message is so alien and far away from today's realistic reality, that Liikkanen just had to paint them to find out what they are all about. The minimalism of Finnish aesthetics favores light, decorative designs and dislikes overwhelming decorativeness. The aesthetics of ugly is closer to our souls. But everyone remembers these small figurines from home or grandparent’s. As a child it was an interesting object to watch. It may not have been touched, not to drop it and break it. The adults may have also secretly admired them but not accepted in one’s own bookshelf.

All works of this exhibition are oil paintings. As an effect lace and epoxy glue has been used to enhance the romantic and a little naivistic atmosphere.

Hilkka Liikkanen was born 1956 in Oulu. Liikkanen has done her professional career in art museums. Along with her professional career she held several private exhibitions. She lives and works in Rovaniemi.

Exhibition open 30.9 - 19.10, opening hours during the week 13-18 and on Saturdays 12-16.

Taiteilija Hilkka Liikkanen

Hilkka Liikkanen

All paintings below are for sale. Click the pictures to see more info of each painting

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