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Your own event in Villa Vinkkeli?

Would you like to host your own art workshop, book launch, or other event in Villa Vinkkeli? Is your friend group interested in one of Villa Vinkkeli's regular event and you want a private event for your group?

Please contact us and let's discuss it!

The two floors and many room of Villa Vinkkeli can fit many different needs. You can rent the entire house or just one room. We have tables, chairs and dishes. We can arrange catering, or you can bring your own food. If the weather is nice, you can use Villa Vinkkeli's garden too.



Photo shows

Kaisa Sirén has done photography trips all around the world and offers photo shows from these trips. If you want her to arrange a show just for your group, please contact her!



Photo Shows:

Ross Sea, Antarctica - Photographs from the southernmost sea in the world, far away from everything.

The Silent Colors of East Greenland - Landscapes and icebergs around Scoresby Sound in Greenland.

Unique New Zealand - New Zealand has everything from glaciers to lush forests.

Hot, Cold Chile - The colors of the Atacama Desert, and the mountains and glaciers of Torres del Paine

Mystical Mongolia - The rivers and steppes of Mongolia, and the interesting people who live there.

The Lovely Lemurs of Madagascar - Madagascar is the home of many species that dont live anywhere else, including many lemurs.

Poetic Photos from Lake Baikal - Photographs of the ice, ice caves, unbelievable light and wintery mood of Lake Baikal.

Orangutangs, Men of the Forest. - The orangutangs are fascinating, and their living conditions have become difficult.

Letters from the Bears of Kamchatka - Cubs, large males, fishing drama, all of it shot from the riverbank near the bears.

Life as a Penguin - The white and blue world of Antarctic Peninsula and it's animals.

Hidden in the Jungle - Lowland Gorillas deep in the Jungle, and Mountain Gorillas in their only home, surrounded by farmland.

Somewhere in the North - The wonders of northern nature in Svalbard.

Contact info of organizer

Kaisa Sirén

Vuopajantie 15, Rovaniemi

Tel. 040-7769706


More info:,

Instagram: @villavinkkeli,  @icm_kaisasiren

Studio & Taidegalleria Villa Vinkkeli, Rovaniemi Lappi Lapland
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