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Konstrundan and Rovaniemi week

Villa Vinkkeli is again full of artist 4. - 12. September and the doors are open to visitors!


Konstrundan 4.-5.9 is an event where artists, artisans and designers opened their doors to the public. The visitors are offered presentations of the artists and their works, discussions and energizing experiences. Right after that Villa Vinkkeli continues the open doors with Rovaniemi week 6.-12.9

During both events there will be several artists working in Villa Vinkkeli. Read their introductions below. You can watch as they create their work, look at the group exhibition, and buy art. There are also some snacks and tea and coffee available.

Villa Vinkkeli consists of many rooms, and we have enough space to keep safe distance. There is also disinfectant and masks available. During sunny days some of the artists may be outside.

Open 4.-12.9, 11 am to 5 pm, no entry fee

Kaisa Sirén esittelee ICM-kuvausta

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Minna Scheinin teki japanilaistyylisiä tussipiirroksia

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Anniina Iivonen näyttää maalauksiaan

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Kaisa Sirén esittelee ICM-kuvausta

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The artists during Konstrundan and Rovaniemi week


Anniina Iivonen is an experienced watercolor painter who comes here from Hämeenlinna, south Finland. Her wonderful images offer a glimpse to nature surrounded by the city. Anniina's Facebook

Laura Haapamäki has illustrated several children's books. She paints everything in Photoshop. In Villa Vinkkeli you can watch how she turns empty digital canvas to narrative illustrations.

Kati Kanto is known for her poems, songs and paintings. She will be painting nature themed acrylic paintings.  Kati's Instagram

Essi Korva is respected artist from Kolari whose concrete, ceramic and wood statues bring joy in many exhibitions and gardens. Essi often adds materials from the nature to her statues and also paints them. She brings the lovely characters to Villa Vinkkeli's garden and will be here finishing more of them.


Tytti Muurinen is super talented watercolor painter, who paints lovely bird and animal pictures. She will be painting more of them in Villa Vinkkeli. Tytti's Instagram



​Niina Oinas wants to help people increase their well being with art. She will be making art prints during the weekend, and visitors can also try different techniques.

Heidi Rannisto-Jolma's exhibition in Villa Vinkkeli in autumn 2020 was much loved. Now Heidi will show her recent textile and recycled materials work, and offers to help visitors to make some of their own. Heidi's Instagram


Mari Riikonen is master of multiple techniques; art prints, photography and several painting mediums. In Villa Vinkkeli Mari will be experimenting with gelli printing. Mari's Instagram

Eila Salmi makes lovely watercolor paintings of plants and little landscapes.  She has made plenty of paintings and postcards.

Minna Scheinin arrives from Turku. She will make bowls from concrete and paint them with summer scenes. While waiting for concrete to dry she makes japanese-inspired ink paintings. Minna's Instagram


Kaisa Sirén is a professional photographer who relaxes on her free timemakign paintings with the camera. The end result is impressionistic images that can be difficult to recognize as photographs. and Kaisa's Instagram

Eila Puhakka is a textile artist from Rovaniemi who will be making artwork from reindeer leather. Eila's Facebook

Elsa Häkkinen makes feminist cross stitching. They are a combination of craft, art and feminism. They disarm taboo subjects with humor. Elsa's Instagram


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