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Konstrundan and Rovaniemi week

Villa Vinkkeli is again full of artist 2. - 10. September and the doors are open to visitors!


Konstrundan 2.-3.9.2023 is an event where professional artists, designers and crafters around Finland open their studios to the public. Rovaniemi week starts on the following monday from 4.9-10.9 and Villa Vinkkeli continues to have open doors.

During both events the gallery is full of artists working. Come and see how art is made! All the artists present have also made a group exhibition, and you have the opportunity to buy art.



The artists in Villa Vinkkeli during the event:

Päivi Lundvall and Mirja Nuutinen

Päivi photographs the moods of nature with a creative and expressive style. Mirja makes collages of her drawings, paintings and photographs. They challenge eachother with a dialoguue of views almost every day. During the event Mirja and Päivi collaborate, with computer and face to face.

Päivi and Mirja's shared Instagram Dialogue of Views


Sari Ravelin is a hobbyist of watercolor and acrylic painting. Her inspiration comes from the nature of Lapland, and in most of her paintings she uses abstract style and the colours of local nature. During Konstrundan and Rovaniemi week Sari will be painting with acrylics. She will be working on several paintings, so you can see different steps of a painting.

Sari Vaari is an artist who has found her home in the north. She is also known with her artist alias Sarsal. Sari will be working with mixed media.


Marja-Leena Ervast will be making experimental art journaling.


Eila Puhakka is a textile artists who will be using reindeer leather along with other materials.


Kikka Yli‐Penttilä is a jewelry designer from Turku, Finland, who will join us to make gorgeus jewelry out of silver thread. You also have the opportunity to make your own earrings with Kikka.



Mari Riikonen works with different types of printmaking, photography and ceramic. The themes in her work are related to nature and environment, but also wondering about the psychological and existential side of humans.


Laura Haapamäki is a graphic designer and illustrator who makes illustrations on the computer with Photoshop. During the event you can see how Laura creates an illustration on the computer out of nothing.

Lauran kotisivu


Kaisa Sirén does creative photography with ICM technique, which means Intentional Camera Movement. The photos are dreamlike, and surprising.

Kaisa's homepage and Instagram

Reetta-Kaisa Parviainen is an art student in Milan Art Institute. She is curious about new mediums, materials and surfaces. She is also interested on using recycled materials.


Open every day 2. - 10.9 from 11am to 5pm, no entry fee

Below are some images from previous years

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