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Konstrundan and Rovaniemi week

Villa Vinkkeli is again full of artist 2. - 10. September and the doors are open to visitors!

Konstrundan 2.-3.9 is an event where artists, artisans and designers opened their doors to the public. The visitors are offered presentations of the artists and their works, discussions and energizing experiences. Right after that Villa Vinkkeli continues the open doors with Rovaniemi week 4.-10.9

During both events there will be several artists working in Villa Vinkkeli. Read their introductions below. You can watch as they create their work, look at the group exhibition, and buy art. There are also some snacks and tea and coffee available.

We are looking for artists!

Come and join us! We are looking for artists and designers in any field of art. From sculptors to jewelry designers to watercolorists to ceramists. Come to paint or create in Villa Vinkkeli during the event and bring your art to the exhibition and sales desks. 

We are looking for artists for 2. - 10.9.2023, for both Konstrundan and Rovaniemi-week.

You should be present for at least three days and create art here in such way that the visitors can watch. We will also create a group exhibition of all the artists in attendance, and you can have smaller pieces for sale on a desk.


The cost for you is 50€ / 3 days (minimum is 3 days), and 15€ for additional day. Also the gallery will take 25% of the price.

Please apply before 31.7. More info and applications kuva(a)

Below are some pictures from previous years.

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