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Acrylic Medium Liquitex workshop

2.6 at 17 - 20:30

Taidekurssi Acrylic Medium Liquitex Villa Vinkkelissä

Acrylic medium liquitex –basic workshop

Come and open the doors to creativity. This is a workshop that suits also those with little experience in painting. ​

At this workshop we use Acrylic medium liquitex –substance to dilute acrylic paints. We try different techniques, e.g. mixing colors in a bowl and pouring them onto the canvas. We also test the effects of adding silicon or alcohol or even warming up the colors. All necessary equipment is provided. The workshop leaded is Pertti Huhtala, the chair of Maahiset and he is assisted by Mari Riikonen.

Workshop fee 15€

Please note that the workshop is in Finnish

Due to limited spaces, please sign-up in advance by sending email to

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