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Here & Now
Kaisa Sirén & Laura Haapamäki

Now in Villa Vinkkeli you can see Kaisa Sirén's photographs and paintings, and Laura Haapamäki's digital paintings.

Kaisa's photographs are made with ICM technique. ICM means Intentional Camera Movement. She is exhibiting photographs from series called Dancing my Nature, featuring dancers in the nature of Lapland during different seasons. Kaisa also has some ICM landscapes on display. Kaisa's watercolor landscapes create a calm mood with minimal brushstrokes, and her monotypes have nature in strong colors.

Kaisas homepage, Instagram and Facebook

Laura's artwork is painted with Photoshop, using digital brushes on a screen. Every brushstroke is still done by Laura, the images are not compute generated. The paintings are book illustrations, marketing illustrations and Laura's personal projects.

Laura's homepage

Come to see the art and visit Villa Vinkkeli!

Below you can see images from the exhibition.

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