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Thierry Chevillard: Rhythm of Wilderness
16.11 - 5.12.2021

Thierry Chevillard was born in France in 1967 and moved to Finland in 2014. After spending twenty years in the organization of sporting and cultural events, he left his job eight years ago attracted by the nature of the arctic environment.  He trained near Tampere to become an International Wilderness Guide.  He has always been passionate about photography and started taking pictures at the age of 12.


“I've always had a camera with me. Seizing the right moment to capture it can become addictive and sometimes frustrating. My best photos are probably the ones I couldn't take.  


Technique and experience are of interest in photography only if they free the photographer and allow him to focus on the moment. I like to convey the emotions I feel when looking at a landscape or an animal.


 On the other hand, I spend very little time on editing. I never crop a photo because I am very attentive to the composition during my shooting. I only change the light slightly. If I spend more than 5 minutes correcting the settings, my original photo is not good enough and I throw it away. "


“Beyond my profession as a guide and my passion as a photographer, I want to draw attention to the state of our planet, the dramatic loss of biodiversity. We can only defend what we like and understand.  If those who appreciate my photos can be more respectful and mobilize in turn, then I would have been successful. "


"This exhibition is an opportunity for me to present the photos that I prefer among the thousands that I have been able to take. I wish to share them because they are not intended to remain in my computer but they are intended to be a vector of emotions for the greatest number.  Most are in color. A part is however devoted to black and white prints where artistic work takes precedence over the desire to stick to reality.


I also wanted to emphasize one of the national symbols  from Finland: whooper swan.  For two reasons:  Because I fell in love with Finland and it welcomed me with open arms. Through these photos, I wanted to pay tribute to my country of heart.  And because this bird is fascinating. It migrates north (as I did a few years ago) in the spring to nest as far as Lapland, where I live. He was almost gone and was put on a protection program. It is a hope for biodiversity. If we stop predation, nature proves its resilience. In addition, the swan is an inexhaustible source of aesthetic inspiration.


Best regards



Exhibition opening 15.11

Exhibition open tuesday - friday 13 - 18 and saturday - sunday 12 - 16

Free entry

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Thierry Chevillard

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