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Pirjo Jaukkuri & Juhani Syväoja: Northern Fairy Tale
8.3 - 27.3.2022

The photographic exhibition shows animal and landscape images of the most beautiful nature that is believed to be ordinary in our enivironment, at least at times. The images were not created during passing trips in search of photographic objects, but by exploring familiar locations for a long time and waiting for the right moment. Sometimes the situation may have been quick and unexpected, but even then the same aesthetic values were applied. Pirjo Jaukkuri and Juhani Syväoja share sensitivity to recognize and discover the moment when an animal or landscape appears almost fairytale-like. Pirjo finds a sensitivity to her images from an individual bird, plant or other object in its limited environment, Juhani most often in the wider landscape. Both are characterized by highlighting the beauty of their images. Pirjo shoots mostly in the Oulu region, Juhani in Tornio Valley and fells of Lapland.


Open tue-fri 12-17 and sat-sun 12-16

Welcome to the opening event 7.3.2022 at 6pm!

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