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Art association Maahiset: From White to Black

3. - 23.10.2022

tue-fri 12-17 and sat-sun 12-16


Group art exhibition by Art Association Maahiset


In many past shows Maahiset has been celebrating with colours. Now, when evenings are getting dark and we are preparing for polas night Maahiset will calm down to focus on black and white. But not just black and white, there are lots of gorgeous shades of gray between them.

Black is when there is no light reflecting off something. However, you can still find bright, sparkling stars even in deep black night sky. The opposite of black is white, which you see when an object reflects all the light spectrum. White snow might not appear as white, as the position of the sun in winter can cause the snow to reflect all sorts of beautiful colors.

Both black and white mean many different things in different cultures and contexts.


Anne Nuutinen

Helena Nissinen

Helvi Kuoksa

Martta Lammassaari

Natalia Tsyrtsaki

Terttu Nissinen

Pertti Huhtala

Sari Ravelin

Seija Satokangas

Sinikka Lehtelä

Taru Back

Tommi Kangas

Jouni Tuuliainen

Eino Haarala

Mari Riikonen

Welcome to the opening event 3.10 at 6 pm!

Gallery open Tue-Fri 12-17 and Sat-Sun 12-16.

No entry fee

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